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About us

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The Sittar team was formed from the friendly cooperation of several avid travellers who, during their long journey of exploring new lands, also chose a new path in life. We combine the beautiful with the useful, the exotic with the mundane and the spiritual with the physical. Our destination is where the practical meets the artistic. The greatest reward are the satisfied smiles of our customers. 
We import jewellery and musical instruments and more from Indonesia, garment and bags from Nepal and many other items of esthetic value from Thailand and India.

Most of our products are hand-made and therefore they might differ from the photo in small details. If you are not sure what size to choose, please contact us on email  obchod@sittar.eu or through our contact form and we will be happy to measure the products of your choice. In case the purchased product does not fit, we will change it for another size as a matter of course. If you are happy with the product that you purchase with us, our goal is met!

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